A Storm Named Stella

Here in Orange County, New York, a blizzard named Stella has us under a “Severe Alert.” A red banner scrolls across my weather app—which is one way the information that Winter Storm Stella has dropped snow on us for the last several hours and will continue for another fourteen hours or so. The other way I can learn that the storm is throwing two to four inches of snow per hour is found when I look out my windows.

I prefer the first method. The red banner is less scary.

Things have gone missing. I can no longer see the end of my driveway, which is not a long driveway, in part because we have not yet shoveled and the town has not yet plowed our street, but also because that is what two to four inches of snow per hour looks like. Our driveway fits two cars back-to-back; from here inside the house I would not be able to see your car behind ours. If you are here right now, Stella has kept your presence a secret from us. Sorry to be a bad host.

It is a loud storm. Every tree is complaining under the ceaseless wind.

At top is the view out my office window. It is one more way of saying, “That’s a lot of weather we’re having.”

The WordPress Daily Prompt for March 14 asks us to reflect on the word, “Immerse.”

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