Enthusiasm Cap

I have a head cold. Like all head colds, its arrival is poorly timed. By that I mean the cold is in me and my body and there is no time I want anything like this to befall a person I lovingly refer to as “me.”

It has sapped my enthusiasm for any event, game, task, or chore that may require the following: me, my participation, an ability to inhale and exhale without a death rattle, and/or me.

And it isn’t even a bad cold. (Although whenever I say the word “cold” out loud, it sounds like I am ordering a fish, so maybe it is the worst cold ever.)

Sniffles, sinuses tag-teaming pain sports, bugs exchanging high-fives inside my lungs (that’s what coughs are) … you’ve all had colds. But I am the one inside my me right now and my me has a cold, thus it is the worst cold I have ever had right at this moment.

On an upper respiratory infection scale of one to ten, this cold ranks as the one I am suffering with right now, thus, it is approaching an 80 on that scale.

I have friends who reside north of the Arctic Circle. My lungs think I am there right now, too.

The WordPress Daily Prompt for December 21 asks us to reflect on the word, “Enthusiasm.”

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