A New Interpretation of Title IX?

UPDATE, February 24: A source in the federal government confirmed to this website last night that the leaked memo from the Department of Justice that is discussed below is legitimate.

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No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.—Title IX

A U.S. Department of Justice draft memorandum that proposes “recommendations on the interpretation and enforcement of Title IX” was leaked today by one of the many online accounts of government employees who have “gone rogue” and are hard at work sharing with the world all the changes that have been introduced since the new presidential administration took the reins of power.

The Twitter account that published the document three hours ago, @ALT_USCIS, is operated by insiders who claim to be employed at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, and has been a reliable source for information about the “ICE Raids” that took place the last two weeks. That reliability is the reason I am sharing the documents here.

The main thrust of the leaked draft memo is to change operational procedures in our nation’s schools and law enforcement from what has been a history of protecting victims of sexual assault to a new standard in which those accused of sexual assault are to be protected.

Because Title IX was crafted to help create an environment of equality in our public schools with an aspiration to someday achieve a “gender-neutral” educational environment, the draft memo alleges that schools are no longer “gender-neutral” … for men. Male students face “disparate treatment” and “disparate impacts” from that treatment, predominately in the area of “complaints of sexual violence.”

(Sound of needle scratching to a halt across a record. The memo is only two pages long, and it takes a full page to get to this point, but here is where its author or authors include details.)

The memo reads:

In order to protect the due process of all parties involved in a school’s sexual violence investigation, the Department should take the following actions and implement the following policies:
  • Witness must be available to be cross-examined, including the parties involved;
  • Every complainant’s sexual history, if relevant, may be introduced at the hearing. Currently, questions about the complainant’s sexual history with anyone other than the accused perpetrator should not be permitted.
  • Although schools must ensure that hearings are conducted in a manner that does not inflict additional trauma on the complainant, this concern must be weighed against the accused perpetrator’s right to a fair hearing.
  • A school must allow a complainant to be present for the entire hearing. Current Office of Civil Rights policy guidance does not allow a complainant to be present or the entire hearing if not allowed by the school.
  • The review of reports, investigations, and resolutions of student and employee conduct to ensure the preservation of the rights of the accused.

“Preservation of the rights of the accused.” Indeed. The more honest phrasing would read: “Preservation of only the rights of the accused.”

A word about the second-to-last item, which reads, “A school must allow a complainant to be present for the entire hearing.” If any reader is acquainted with a friend who has been sexually assaulted or raped, or if you yourself have been harassed, assaulted, or raped (in which case, you have my respect), perhaps you are aware that sometimes in hearings or trials the rape victim is allowed to not attend portions of the hearing or trial in which they will be forced to re-endure the assault or rape by listening to descriptions of it or viewing physical evidence. The victim’s body is most if not all of the argument. If they choose to not attend, they are not required to re-live the event. If this draft memo becomes the stated policy of the Department of Justice, that protection will no longer be afforded to victims on school campuses. Charges of rape may decline as a result. The incidence of rapes will not decline.

Further, the victim must be willing to be cross-examined by representatives of the accused at the hearing. In addition to that, the “complainant’s sexual history, if relevant, may be introduced at the hearing.” As if sexual history has anything to do with an act of violence committed against a complainant. (Did an earlier draft of this memo include a bullet-point complaint about how “currently” what a victim was wearing at the time of the alleged assault is not to be discussed?)

I hope that this leaked draft is not real. Many of the online accounts of “rogue” federal offices are real and many may not be; some may exist as a tool for the current White House to trace the source of rumors and leaks. As I wrote above, because the alt-Immigration Twitter feed has so far been reliable, I published this.

This is the Tweet from @ALT_USCIS:

The document is a PDF, at this address: 3.PDF, and a photocopy of the email chain attached to the draft memo is here (also a PDF): 2.PDF.

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  1. kStanlykSays · February 20, 2017

    thank you, mark, for keeping us informed.

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  2. Martha Kennedy · February 21, 2017

    Definitely opens up more opportunities for consequenceless pussy-grabbing.

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