Today in History: Nov. 29

Erwin Schrödinger published a paper titled “The present situation in quantum mechanics” on this date in 1935 in which he presented a thought experiment in a joking way that involved a box that contained a vial of poison, some radioactive uranium, a Geiger counter … and a cat. Happy birthday to Schrödinger’s cat, always simultaneously dead and alive.

* * * *
The New York Yankees signed free agent outfielder Reggie Jackson to a five-year, $2.96 million contract 40 years ago today.

* * * *
Dorothy Day died on this date in 1980. Natalie Wood died 35 years ago today. Cary Grant died on this date in 1986. Ralph Bellamy died on this date in 1991. Gene Rayburn died on this date in 1999. John Knowles died 15 years ago today. George Harrison died 15 years ago today. “Stuck Inside a Cloud”:

Wendie Jo Sperber died 11 years ago today.

* * * *
Louisa May Alcott was born on this date in 1832. C. S. Lewis was born on this date in 1898. Billy Strayhorn was born 101 years ago today. Madeleine L’Engle was born on this date in 1918. Minnie Miñoso was born 91 (or more) years ago today. Peter Bergman was born on this date in 1939. Denny Doherty was born 76 years ago today. The late Garry Shandling would be 67 today. (He died on March 24.)

* * * *
Jackie Stallone is 95 today. President Beji Caid Essebsi is 90 today. Vin Scully is 89 today. John Mayall is 83 today. Chuck Mangione is 76 today. Felix Cavaliere is 74. Suzy Chaffee is 70. Jerry Lawler (The King) is 67. Joel Coen is 62. Howie Mandel is 61. Cathy Moriarty is 56. Don Cheadle is 52. Mariano Rivera is 47. Anna Faris is 40 today.

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  1. loisajay · November 29, 2016

    Wendie Jo….very funny and way too young….

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