‘The K***s Are in a Panic’

[Trigger alert: The following article quotes from antisemitic posts that have been published in recent days. I apologize.]

* * * *

Today marks the start of an era of bounty and happiness, although I’ll be honest with y’all and remind you that the road will surely be hard and draining at times.
But, at least my unborn son will come into a world ruled by a GREAT MAN that only comes around once every century or so.
—columnist “Marcus Cicero,” Infostormer web site, “Victory Is Ours!

Those who spend life’s precious heartbeats as a way to calculate how many people they hate have until recently tended to keep their communications in the shadows. One had to look for their articles. One needed to know that such hatred existed in order to know where to look for their articles and blog posts. Often, those web sites would turn out to be defunct by the time an amateur like me would look for them.

It was as if those who hate full-time knew that there was something impolite about what they felt, so they kept it behind a locked door and only opened it with a secret handshake.

That day is done. With his campaign for U.S. President and his election yesterday, it no longer matters whether or not Donald Trump himself holds these thoughts in his heart or not: some (many? all?) of his supporters do. I do not think it is all.

What sort of thoughts? “The Kikes are in a panic that has not been seen since 1933,” wrote a coward employing the pseudonym “Marcus Cicero” today. (“Coward” because he uses a pseudonym. Mr. “Cicero,” my name is Mark Aldrich. My phone numbers are publicly available. The web site into which he or she drivels is based in Jacksonville, Florida. His/her phone number is not.)

I am a Jew. My mother is a Jew. Antisemitism happily strode out from behind its hiding places this year in America, came out from behind the secret handshake where it always resided this campaign year. Perhaps I should be grateful it is out in the open now.

So if “Marcus Cicero” is happy today, I can not be. If you voted for Donald Trump, I do not automatically ascribe antisemitism behind your motivations for doing so, any more than I ascribe to Mrs. Clinton’s supporters the wildest of thoughts the wildest of her supporters may have had. But if we had been victorious, would we have heard fantasies about what will be done to “our enemies?”

I am disabled. If you voted for Donald Trump, I do not assume you want to kick my cane out from my hand and knock me into traffic, but your candidate mocked me and people like me, on camera and in front of crowds, and he never claimed to have meant anything other than that mockery of a disabled man’s disability. I have yet to encounter an apology for that moment.

“He only did that once,” someone tried to explain to me one day. I started to reply, “If someone I knew did that in my presence, that one time would have ended our acquaintance,” but the other person started to roll her (!) eyes, as if I was holding an unreasonably high standard against Mr. Trump and was merely looking for an excuse to do the inexcusable and not vote for him.

So if the coward “Marcus Cicero” is happy today, I can not be. Because if Mr. Trump disappoints “Marcus Cicero” and his ilk by not killing me and my mother and sister and aunt and uncle and cousins, where will “Marcus Cicero” take his displeasure? Two weeks ago, the same columnist wrote about the future under a President Trump: “When we’re busy rounding up the Kikes onto the deportation trains and planes, I want them to understand that it was their own overreaching and neurotic insanity that brought their schemes and hustles crashing down. … Instead of sitting back content with their profits and simple corruption of higher echelons of society, the Jew sought even greater upheaval and discord; a desire driven by a sick biological drive that forever calls for the annihilation of host societies. And now the sweet and wonderful backlash has arrived. And it tastes so unbelievably delectable.”

“Marcus Cicero” believes, nay, knows, that among Mr. Trump’s campaign promises is a promise to kill me and my family.

If President Trump does not round me up, where will “Marcus Cicero” of Jacksonville, Florida, take his vitriol? On whom will he vent his right-wing desires if Mr. Trump fails to sate them, if Mr. Trump “cuckolds” him?

The reason that all of this drivel is worth not ignoring is simple: The writer knows that he feels free to share his thoughts, as freely as I am sharing mine, because he was inspired by Mr. Trump’s campaign. Mr. Trump is not the accidental beneficiary of a lunatic fringe’s hatreds: he winked knowingly at them, and they confirmed this with their own articles and posts.

Here is his entire column from today:

I’ve been waiting eighteen months to write this article, but the time has finally arrived, and I am pleased to announce that Glorious Leader Donald J. Trump has ascended to the throne in a coup that will be remembered for a thousand years.
The White Man, in the fifty-ninth minute of the eleventh hour, finally awakened and cast their ballots in favor of demographic survival in a way that can only be ascribed to the work of a great Creator beyond our mortal comprehension.
The Kikes are in a panic that has not been seen since 1933, as all their lies, all their models, all their propaganda, and all their money failed to save them from this wonderful change of regime.
Thanks to you all, with your posting, trolling, and boundless energy, we have gotten to the point where we have SHUT THEIR LYING JEWISH MOUTHS.
Today marks the start of an era of bounty and happiness, although I’ll be honest with y’all and remind you that the road will surely be hard and draining at times.
But, at least my unborn son will come into a world ruled by a GREAT MAN that only comes around once every century or so.
So, let me just say:

I was raised in a country that my family members moved to because we needed to escape this. I apologize to all of you for showing you that I am afraid, afraid of rhetoric. After all, it’s “just words,” to quote Mr. Trump. Further, every single person in a minority in this nation faces every day someone who wants to put some action, some muscle behind the hate-filled rhetoric. I’m white. I’m a white man. It can’t happen to me. Right?

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  1. vermontbookworks · November 9, 2016

    Reblogged this on Vermont Book Works and commented:
    Great work Mark.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. vermontbookworks · November 9, 2016

    Thanks Mark

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kstanlyksays · November 9, 2016

    a sad day for so many of us. i don’t think dt even knows what he’s unleashed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mark Aldrich · November 9, 2016

      I’m getting lectured on Twitter, told that I am overreacting. Words can’t hurt anyone, after all.


      • loisajay · November 9, 2016

        Walk away from Twitter, Mark. Such total garbage that comment. Overreacting? Really? Ugh.

        Liked by 2 people

  4. 1EarthUnited · November 9, 2016

    — Very well stated, for more insight and understanding, watch Lada’s pre-election video… it’s a breath of
    fresh air, just brilliant analysis:


    Trump is our Prez… God help us all.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Paula Light · November 9, 2016

    May we all be safe and get through this.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. mediocremeg14 · November 10, 2016

    Ugh! So awful. 😞 I hope you stay safe and the global progressive movement is able to mobilise effectively to turn the tide of fear.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Anton Wills-Eve · November 10, 2016

    A lovely read for all its horror, Mark. I too am disabled (mentally) as well as other bits that don’t work, but being brought up as a minority Catholic in Britain I can only sympathise with you. It wasn’t my faith that made me help the needy in this world, it was the feeling that as I had so much more than most I could not live with myself if I did not share it with those far less fortunate. It is the one thing I really cannot understand about DT. He knows he is very rich yet he has to steal to give to the poor, the ill, the destitute and bereaved. The electoral college can still vote any way they feel their country deserves. We can but hope they do. After all they would only be installing the candidate who got the most votes. Keep smiling Mark, I can’t imagine you not fighting for right for the rest of your days. Ciao. Anton

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Martha Kennedy · November 10, 2016

    Around here, in my peaceful valley, there has been anti-Trump violence and vandalism. Naturally. “We” are Hispanic. “We” have been in this valley since the 1500s. Where did “we” come from? Spain. And “we” were Jews running from the Inquisition. By now, most of the Hispanic people don’t know anything about their Jewish roots, but for centuries they’ve practiced, behind their Catholicism, some Jewish rituals. Many of the oldest Catholic churches have a Menorrah on the altar in front of the standard writhing Christ on the wall. They are Jews and Hispanic. They think they’re fucked and I hope they’re not and if they are, I’m with them, even though their Spanish is so archaic I cannot understand it. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/the-secret-jews-of-san-luis-valley-11765512/?no-ist

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Leigh W. Smith · November 11, 2016

    On the contrary, Mark, you are quite brave for doing what you do. What’s that adage about doing nothing about evil makes you complicit in it (said much more eloquently than I did there)? I am scared and hopeful (at least a little on the latter) for the future; like you, I won’t back down from perhaps the most important ‘battle’ (I hope a figurative term there) of my generation. Keep on writing, Mark.

    Liked by 1 person

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