Bree Newsome, the brave activist who on Saturday briefly brought down the Confederate battle flag from its place of (dubious) honor in front of the South Carolina statehouse was released from jail later that same day after posting bond. She and a helper, James Ian Tyson, were both arrested after they hopped the wrought iron fence that protects the flagpole from such actions. Ms. Newsome climbed the flagpole alone, however. Mr. Tyson was also released after posting bond that day.

A fundraising campaign was launched that same day to help Ms. Newsome afford whatever legal costs will be incurred. Here is the website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bail-for-bree-newsome. As of right now, 2:27 p.m., Monday, June 29, precisely 4478 donations totaling $114,278 have been pledged, almost six times greater than the amount first sought.

Her actions caught the attention and imagination of many people around the world; the image of Ms. Newsome removing that odious bolt of hated cloth from a place of honor will remain beloved in history for as long as lovers of justice cherish such moments.–Mark, The Gad About Town

The Gad About Town

On her website, Bree Newsome describes herself with a collection of hyphens: “Writer – Director – Producer – Singer – Songwriter – Activist – Consultant – Speaker.” Today she alphabetized that list and moved “Activist” to the front.

Earlier this morning, she hopped the fenced-in area protecting the flagpole from which the Confederate battle flag has flown since 2000 in front of the South Carolina statehouse, climbed the pole, and cut down that odious bolt of cloth that American history somehow simultaneously celebrates and reviles.

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