Gad Meets Godot

“Where I live, I can not speak of it. It takes too long to say its name. Who I love, same thing.”

He goes on. “So they ask us here,” he says, “Look at that.” He points. “‘No Words As Long As This,’ the sign says. And it gives a long list of long words. It is like they want a tall, short thing. Or a short but tall one. How can I fill this for them?”

“We,” I say to him. “We.”

“Right, kid. You and I. How can we give them this? This thing they ask. It is so tough. And it is close to the time we leave.”

“I have no right to tell you what to do.”


“But. We can wait. There is a new day and it comes next.”


“To this day.”

“But why ask us to do this? Like this?”

“This? Oh.” They look at the sign and read out loud:

“The WordPress Daily Prompt for December 8 asks, ‘Today, write a post about the topic of your choice—using only one-syllable words.'”

“There is one word there that I do not like.”

“What is it?”


“Oh.” They do not move.

* * * *
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  1. wscottling · December 8, 2014


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  2. MelissaM · December 8, 2014


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  3. joatmon14 · December 8, 2014

    Great job!

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  4. tildy1 · December 8, 2014

    Well done!

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  5. Relax · December 8, 2014

    Verrrry clever!

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