World MS Day 2014 in Ireland

Tomorrow, May 28, is World MS Day.

Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me

Photo ©Naoise Culhane Photo ©Naoise Culhane

Wednesday, May 28thisWorld MS Day. All over the world, people will organise events, wear orange, volunteer, work and/or attend conferences to raise awareness about an illness that so far, still cannot be cured.

While 2014 is the ‘European Year of the Brain,’ this year’s World MS Day theme is ‘Access.’ Whether this means access to information, medication, support, buildings, rights or services, somewhere near you people with MS, their families and MS societies will step forward and express their need for more awareness, understanding and hope that one day, MS will be eradicated for good.

Until then MS societies, in many cases, will continue to be the first point of contact after a possible diagnosis or for continued support. To ease physical, mental and emotional symptoms, local MS societies work hard to cater for people with MS, their families and their carers.


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