Where Was I When I Needed Me?

I have not published here in some six weeks. What was up with me? I have not been writing much at all, but I do not believe I suffer from writer’s block.

In the last six weeks or so, I: mourned a loss, had a scheduled operation on my right eye, received a medical re-diagnosis, and moved house. In moving, I left behind a housemate situation that was growing more silly and less humane every day (one friend told me, “Mark, remember that ‘housemate’ is a diagnosis recognized in the DSM”) and now live closer to my girlfriend. So I have had a lot of goodbyes and so-longs in recent weeks and also some great new experiences and hellos: after laser surgeries on both eyes, I now have sight in both, even 20/25 vision in my right eye; the first face I saw after taking the cover off my eye was Jen’s, so everything I have looked at since has been a let-down.

Now that I have my feet under me again—and lord, I would like to write with humor and some self-righteous indignation about that housemate situation I just left, but there are more useful uses for a web site—I will get to work again. Besides, anger is an emotion I can ill afford: “A life which includes deep resentment leads only to futility and unhappiness.” (“Alcoholics Anonymous,” page 66.)

Please comment here. Thank you, Mark.

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