A Thought About Prince

Officially, he released 39 albums in 37 years. Often, these were solo albums as the term would imply: albums on which he made sounds with his own hands on his instruments and singing his own words and music. This does not include live albums, “hits” compilations, or all the songs he sold other artists.

Legend has it that there is as much unreleased music yet to be heard by the public. His most recent album came out in December 2015.

When Prince died today, it was a shock because 57 is 57, after all; because he has been touring with an acclaimed solo acoustic show; because when news broke about a hospitalization last week with dehydration from the flu, he handled the publicity with some cheeky Tweets and Instagram photos. This weekend, he did something he often did at his home/studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota (Paisley Park): host a dance party at $10 per ticket at which he performed.
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