CODEPINK’s 10 Points for Peace

In an ideal world, there is no need for the phrase, “In an ideal world.”

We do not reside in an ideal world. We reside in a world in which business and political interests, often using social and political structures, demand the individual to stand down and obey. Wars are fought and the reasons or causes are often left unclear, lest we the many individuals find the reasons or causes suspect or lest we suspect that the reasons or causes are not in our interests.

I have been using this website to shine a light on human rights stories, and in doing so, I try to always remember that any one individual’s story that I may take the time to write about is one of many similar (sometimes, identical) stories in that person’s country. Raif Badawi, the blogger who is imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for his writing and who was flogged as part of his punishment on January 9, 2015, is one of an estimated 30,000 political prisoners in his nation. And Saudi Arabia is but one nation, one nation with business, political, and also religious interests that demand that one can only celebrate a “freedom of expression” by freely expressing that one ought not be free to express oneself.
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