The Loathsome Carl Paladino

Today’s WTF? MomentPatentPending

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Carl Paladino (above) has had a busy two weeks or so. Today may bring it to a close. The Buffalo, New York, real estate developer who was the 2010 Republican nominee for New York State Governor (he lost in a landslide to Andrew Cuomo, who is still governor) was New York co-chair for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and he has been spotted among the many celebrities and office holders arriving at Trump Tower in New York City for job auditions with the incoming Trump administration. Any normal human being who might fit the above description might find themselves erring on the side of caution, of circumspection, in their public statements.

Perhaps you are not acquainted with what no one in New York State refers to as the Carl Paladino Era (2010–Present). The man is incapable of circumspection … beyond that, he is incapable of human decency.
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