Enthusiasm Cap

I have a head cold. Like all head colds, its arrival is poorly timed. By that I mean the cold is in me and my body and there is no time I want anything like this to befall a person I lovingly refer to as “me.”

It has sapped my enthusiasm for any event, game, task, or chore that may require the following: me, my participation, an ability to inhale and exhale without a death rattle, and/or me.

And it isn’t even a bad cold. (Although whenever I say the word “cold” out loud, it sounds like I am ordering a fish, so maybe it is the worst cold ever.)

Sniffles, sinuses tag-teaming pain sports, bugs exchanging high-fives inside my lungs (that’s what coughs are) … you’ve all had colds. But I am the one inside my me right now and my me has a cold, thus it is the worst cold I have ever had right at this moment.

On an upper respiratory infection scale of one to ten, this cold ranks as the one I am suffering with right now, thus, it is approaching an 80 on that scale.

I have friends who reside north of the Arctic Circle. My lungs think I am there right now, too.

The WordPress Daily Prompt for December 21 asks us to reflect on the word, “Enthusiasm.”

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  1. kstanlyksays · December 21, 2016

    feel better, buddy! at least writing this post most have given you some modicum of happiness. it gave me some!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wscottling · December 21, 2016

    What’s the standard advice? Keep warm, get lots of rest, drink plenty of liquids. You know the drill. Feel better soon and all that.

    Most of all, take care of you. You’re the only you we have.


  3. Martha Kennedy · December 21, 2016

    Feel better. I am definitely feeling your pain. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. whippetwisdom · December 21, 2016

    Hope you feel better soon and wishing you a blessed Holiday Season :o)


  6. loisajay · December 21, 2016

    Men and colds. Snap out of it, Markie! Love, your blog buddy. 🙂


  7. Itching for Hitching · December 22, 2016

    Rug up, veg out and drink soup, watch too much tv, enjoy the chance do nothing without feeling guilty!


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